Professional Organizer hires a Professional Organizer

I love taking photos and looking at photos.  I went digital in 2005.  Before going digital,  I would return from a trip with a bag of film, take it to the local developer and immediately create photo albums and mail pictures family and friends.  The photo books and negatives were labeled and put in a box. IMG_9086

When I went digital, I did not figure out a “workplan” to take the photos from the computer/phone/camera to the printer to enjoy.  I was halted because I never took the time to create a plan.

Now in 2015, it’s ten years later.  Tens of thousands of pictures later; no kidding! They have been counted by the talented Natalie Gallagher of Refined Rooms LLC.

IMG_9088I crave being able to access and enjoy my photos on a regular basis.  I am an organizer, and I “should” be able to do this.  But the thing is that I haven’t done it and don’t really want to start it alone.  I met Natalie Gallagher through NAPO, and  photo organization is one of her niches. Yep, a Professional Organizer hired a Professional Organizer!

Natalie has an organized approach (of course) to tackle what to me is a HUGE project. The collaboration is valuable on a number of levels.  First, I have started the process of tackling my photos and I have someone helping me that knows about photo tools and processes that I am not aware of. Secondly, I have heightened my awareness of what MY organizing clients feel when they work with me.  It can be exhausting….going through countless photos, papers, and sometimes emotional stuff.

But with Natalie’s help, I say “bring it, photos! I can do this.”  I don’t feel overwhelmed, and I am excited already about the end result: being able to access all my photos and enjoying them more frequently! And that thought is incredibly motivating!

See a quick video here!  http://youtube/UpcHXy4dp80


One Thing Learned: Use my Filter!

This past week I experienced my own whirlwind.  I left the house at 10:00 a.m. on Friday to meet my friend from kindergarten at the Cincinatti IKEA. After spending three hours exploring we rested for an hour and then enjoyed dinner at a cozy lodge. Saturday morning she ventured home and I entered an eight-hour long conference. As if three hours weren’t enough, I went back to IKEA after the conference to “pick up a couple needed things.” At dusk I drove to my in-laws 2 1/2 hours back up north,   enjoyed dinner together and then promptly hit the hay. After a breakfast with them I drove across town to the mecca of Easton Shopping Center in Columbus to meet two fellow organizers. We spent three hours grazing each aisle of our beloved Container Store- making videos, sharing stories, talking products, and really enjoying each other’s company. After a 30 minute “rest” we met up with five additional organizers for a wine tasting and dinner.  Trudging through the snow we settled in around 10 pm.

We rose on Monday at 7 ish and enjoyed a meal together before meeting up with 33 people to volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House all day. On our feet moving supplies, trouble-shooting, and getting the job done made for a full day’s work. I got a jump on the traffic and journeyed two hours home, but took a detour to the grocery to pick up breakfast goodies for the meeting I was sponsoring the next morning. After the meeting on Tuesday I met with an older adult for three hours to organize and continued the momentum and drove to Cleveland so I could record three interviews with Jim Brickman about organizing for his radio show. I collapsed in bed on Tuesday night at 8PM.

What on earth? Just because I can do everything in a day, doesn’t mean that I should. My enthusiasm about doing everything can lead me to burn out. I love what I do, want to help, and want to connect. On Thursday and Friday I had three cancellations.  Cancellations = no business and this is usually not helpful.  But this time, my clients unknowingly gave me a reprieve that I needed. It is Friday now.  I am rested, more relaxed, have re-grouped and am ready to go.

I need to follow my own advice and use a filter.  When I am faced with multiple demands and opportunities- my filtering questions are: “Do I have time for this? Is participating going to lead me to my goals?  Am I taking care of myself? Will I pay a price if I do or don’t do this?