Power Pose into Organizing!

Amy Cuddy is a Psychologist at Harvard Business School who studies body language. She is well known for her TED Talk in 2012 where she talked about “Power Poses.” She wants everyone to know that “you have this, you have personal power and you can bring your best self forward. This tiny difference can make a huge difference. Striking a power pose changes how people perceive you AND your body chemistry.”

I was practicing my Sunday Morning ritual, cozied up in my spot watching CBS Sunday Morning and one of the stories was about Amy Cuddy and her new book “Presence.”  It occurred to me that I can teach power poses to my organizing clients!! AND the photo on the Health One Magazine is a POWER POSE!  I am so excited, I can hardly stand it! I tweeted @amycuddy and SHE LIKED IT!


As the year is winding to a close, I am making  New Year’s Resolutions and setting business goals.  Today I am adding one more to the list -“incorporate power poses during sessions with clients.”  Thank you Amy Cuddy, you are changing the world.

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